Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crop pellets prove to be hot idea - Farmer sees a profitable future in turning crops like oats and switchgrass into biofuel

By Frances Anderson, April 4th, 2006
Last fall cash cropper Don Nott got a phone call that has changed his life. The caller wanted to know whether Nott thought the oat pellets he markets would burn. Nott has been pelletizing the hulls and other by-products of his oat milling business for nearly a decade, but he'd not considered them for fuel until the day that Roger Samson called.

Six months later, the pellets have proven they burn hot and clean and cheap enough in boilers that greenhouse operators are impressed, and Nott is a man converted, preparing for the end of the age of oil, and a future for farmers in growing fuel - oats in the short term, and switch grass down the road.

"Agriculture has a bright future for some pretty dark reasons," quips Samson, who declares "the grass farmers of North America will outproduce the tar sands one day." …

For the text of the full article, please see the Organic Agriculture Center of Canada website

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