Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Introducing the new REAP-Canada BioHeat DVD Seminar Series!

For $30 (plus shipping) you will receive 2DVD’s + bonus powerpoint CD

These DVD’s record the proceedings of the BioHeat: A GROWING AGRI-ENERGY OPPORTUNITY seminar held Thursday Jan 25th, 2007 in conjunction with the Guelph Organic Conference.

It is an excellent introduction for farmers, energy consumers, researchers and bio-energy project developers on the emerging “BioHeat” Industry

DVD1: Biomass Resource Options & Environmental Issues
•Roger Samson of REAP-Canada - “BioHeat 101”: Optimizing warm-season grass production for BioHeat
•Claudia Ho Lem and Stephanie Bailey of REAP-Canada – Biodiversity and water quality benefits of perennial grasses and BioHeat potential to mitigate GHG emissions”

DVD2: Economics, Combustion & Densification
•Tom Adams of Energy Probe - “Can Renewables Score Goals with Energy Consumers? The economics’ of switching from conventional heating and BioHeat vs. fossil fuels in the Canadian economy”
•Fernando Preto of NRCAN – Combustion technologies for residential and commercial heating and densification processes, pellet processing costs and processing of agri-fibre fuels”
•Don Nott of Nott Farms and the Greenhouse Panel including Jack Greydanus and Ken Tigchelaar - Farmers experience with the emerging BioHeat industry”

DVD’s are now available for sale at

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