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REAP-Canada Presents: The Great Lakes Grass Energy Symposium

Thursday January 22nd, 2009, 1:00pm – 5:00pm at the Guelph Organic Conference

Getting Back to the Basics

This symposium will feature leading technical specialists and farmers from the Great Lakes region who are developing warm season grasses for energy. Specific topics to be covered by leading invited experts from New York, Ontario Pennsylvania, and Quebec who will discuss:

  • Best management practices for establishing native grasses
  • Available native grass cultivars and potential to improve yield through
  • Recent technology developments for improving mowing and baling of energy
  • Creating biomass quality in grasses to ensure high quality combustion
  • Experiences with low cost briquetting of switchgrass and burning warm season grasses in commercial boilers.

Guest speaker panel:
*Daniel Arnett- Biomass Coordinator, Ernst Conservation Seeds, Meadville PA
*Dr. Fernando Preto & Irene Coyle-
CANMET Energy Technology Centre, NRCAN, Ottawa ON
*Dr. Martin Roberge-
Project Engineer, Case New Holland, Saskatoon SK
*Dr. Paul Salon-
Plant Materials Center USDA NRCS, Big Flats NY
*Roger Samson-
Executive Director, REAP-Canada, Montreal QC

Farmer Experience Exchange:
A grower panel will report on their personal experiences, challenges and opportunities in growing energy grasses. This will be a unique opportunity to learn the current status of the emerging Great Lakes grass energy industry in a focused symposium.

Growers Panel:
*Calvin Ernst- Founder, Ernst Conservation Seeds, Meadville PA
*Ingrid Marini- Rural Association for Clean Energy, St. Armand QC
*Don Nott- Nott Farms, Clinton ON

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to stay up to date on energy grass technological advances and to network with farmers, bioenergy project developers, industry and government.

For more information and to register, click here:


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