Wednesday, January 16, 2008

REAP-Canada Seminar "BioEnergy Options for Ontario Farmers"

REAP-Canada presents

BioEnergy Options for Ontario Farmers

Friday January 25th, 2008, 9:00am - Noon
2008 Guelph Organic Conference Workshop
Guelph University Centre, Guelph Ontario $45 at the door

This workshop offers discussions on the following topics:
Assessment of biofuel options for producing energy and mitigating GHG’s from Ontario farmland
A review of the emerging opportunities in producing bio-energy in Canada for farmers, focusing on the four primary options available: biodiesel, biogas, bioheat and ethanol. Each fuel will be evaluated for the following: bio-energy feedstock options and the latest production technologies; relative efficiency of conversion technologies; effectiveness of biofuel in mitigating GHG’s; and costs of biofuel incentive programs in Ontario (on a per GJ basis)

REAP-Canada speaker panel:
*Roger Samson, Claudia Ho Lem & Stephanie Bailey Stamler

Strategic opportunities for developing climate-friendly fuels from agriculture
Policy strategies need to be developed to more effectively apply incentives to encourage GHG abatement through creating a competitive bio-energy marketplace and focusing efforts on the CO2 abatement potential of each fuel.

Guest speaker panel:
* Keith Stuart – World Wildlife Fund
* Shannon Watt – Canadian Federation of Agriculture
* Jose Etcheverry – York University / David Suzuki Foundation
* Ingrid Marini – Rural Association for Clean Energy/Association rurale pour une énergie propre (RACE/AREP) * Mahendra Thimmanagari - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) - Moderator

Register online at
For further details contact: (514) 398-7743


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Four Primary Fuel Options being: biodiesel, biogas, bioheat & ethanol, why would a "syngas" not be included as a Fifth primary fuel, as this fuel burns cleaner than biofuels. There are technologies available to 'steam reform' biomass to a 'syngas' that is capable of running engines.

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