Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alternatives Journal Publication-Better Bioenergy

REAP-Canada has a featured article in the latest edition of the Alternative Journal entitled "Better Bioenergy". The article analyzed how effective current bioenergy polices are in Canada and if there is a better way forward. The study found that to be effective, Canada's bioenergy policies need to consider the full lifecycle environmental and economic performance of various technologies. A more effective policy would be for Canada to implemented a policy parity, where different bioenergy options were be subsidized based on their environmental and economic performance. This would move Canada beyond the food-vs-fuel debate, paving the way for the best bioenergy options to emerge.

Stephanie Bailey Stamler, a co-author on the study, was interviewed for the Alternative Journal's monthly Podcast where she discussed the findings of the article. To hear the podcast click here.

For further information on the article click here.


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