Monday, August 15, 2005

Welcome New 2005 REAP-Canada Interns!

REAP - Canada is proud to welcome our newest interns to our International Development Team!

For the next 9 months David Crowley and Stephanie Bailey will be working on our Gambia Agro-Ecological Village Development Project while Christina Rehbein and Helen Jensen will be working on our Philippine Sustainable Seed and Agriculture Project. David has a B.Sc. in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from McGill and before joining REAP was a Research Council Officer working on lifecycle assessments, biodiesel and energy/greenhouse gas balances for a major environmental consulting firm. Stephanie completed her Masters in 2004 at McGill in Natural Resource Sciences and afterwards continued to conduct agro-forestry related research for the Department of Natural Resource Sciences supported by the Sustainable Forest Management Network. Christina completed her Masters of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo in 2004 and before joining REAP went on to coordinate and edit publications for the Parks Research Forum of Ontario (PRFO). Helen also just completed her M.Sc. in Chemical Ecology from the University of Ottawa in 2005 while collaborating with public corporations in the research, production and marketing of botanical insecticides during her Masters.

They are off on their overseas missions at the beginning of September and we expect them to be a very much appreciated addition to our local project teams! Congratulations David, Stephanie, Christina and Helen!


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